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About Faux Rocks

About Faux Rocks

Artificial rock, also known as faux rock, is the new favourite of landscape designers, architects and building contractors. Faux rock can be made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, synthetic materials, rubber, and plaster. We use a product called "SculptureRock . ScupltureRock is a hybrid of glass fiber reinforced product (GFRP) that is lighter than real rock, yet strong and durable. Concrete and stone composites are infused into resin to give the faux rocks the look and feel of real stone. Color is infused into the resin composites to make the color true throughtout the product. Multiple layers of glass fiber backing give SculptureRock a great strength to weight ratio, second to none!

Faux Rocks have long been valued as natural, distinctive landscaping elements. But getting the rock exactly where you want it, even if you live in an area where real rock is readily available, is no easy feat. Imagine, for example, the equipment, effort, and expense that would be required to haul large boulders weighing at least a ton each into a backyard and then to stack them around an in-ground pool or pond.

That's why more and more landscape and swimming pool designers and contractors are turning to faux rock. Not only can artificial rocks be molded, textured, and colored to exactly replicate the look and feel of real rock formations, they also can be built onsite, eliminating the inconvenience and expense of hauling.

In fact, rock making is slowly turning into a creative process and a leisure activity for many people, especially those who are interested in gardening and landscaping.

Artificial rocks is used in rock gardens, rock waterfalls, rock waterfountains, garden statues or in major landscaping projects.

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