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July 2009

Decorate in a Day – 5 Steps to a Backyard Makeover

Are you looking for that perfect getaway this summer but find that time and budget constraints can make planning that perfect vacation tough? Why not plan a stay-cation and create your great escape in your very own backyard that you can enjoy anytime. So don’t worry about packing up the luggage or blocking out weeks of your schedule, we have five simple steps to help give your backyard that magic makeover in less than a day.

Defining Facts about Deforestation

Deforestation is the permanent removal, destruction, and clearing of forest and woodlands on a large scale which results in damage to land quality, and most important, causes an environmental impact that will result in climate, water cycle, and land changes.  These changes will have a vast effect on our way of life in the near and distant future if not addressed in the present.

History of Tiki Culture and Where It Fits Today

tiki cultureThe tiki culture is more about a style that originated in American restaurants, clubs, and bars in the 1930s than it is about the actual history of the tiki.  Though inspired by Polynesian mythology and artifacts, such as the Tiki, a wood or stone humanoid carving, the tiki culture itself began as a theme and grew into a fad that spanned many decades, including the time period of World War II, the addition of Hawaii as a US state, through the pop culture of the 1950s and 1960s, and into today.

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