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Bamboo Fencing Information

Why Choose a Fence Made of Bamboo?
Bamboo is considered a sustainable resource because it grows faster than any other plant on earth. Various types of this woody grass can grow 3 feet or more per day. When grown commercially, it is grown like other horticultural crops and harvested annually. Unlike wood, bamboo is very lightweight and has a high tensional strength at the same time. This makes it an ideal material for construction. It is an important economic resource in less developed countries, improving the quality of life of those that are involved in the commercial growth and distribution. Therefore, bamboo is the right choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

Our bamboo fencing is made of Tonkin cane from southeast China. This bamboo stock has the strength equivalent to Cedar wood. Connected with hidden heavy gage stainless steel coated wire, our fence panels are pre-assembled and ready to be installed in your outdoor garden or home. Easily set up outdoor structural fences by connecting them together to form a screening barrier.

Installed bamboo fencing with tiki statueWhich Bamboo Fence Is Right For Me?
You should choose a bamboo fence based on the purpose it will serve. There are many reasons for installing bamboo fencing. Security, screening, defining a boundary, providing a background, containing an animal, and adding artistic balance are standard reasons for installing a bamboo fence.

The most important consideration for bamboo fencing is the fence height. Our rolled bamboo fencing comes in four standard height variations: 4 foot bamboo fence, 6 foot bamboo fence and 8 foot bamboo fence. Our fencing also comes in six foot and eight foot widths. If you have a large job to do, eight foot rolls will save you money.

Another important consideration for bamboo fence selection is the color of the bamboo. Our bamboo fencing typically comes in natural light, natural black, and mahogany color variations. Although most customers opt for the natural color, depending on the color pallete selected for your landscape, any of these are a good choice.

Maintenance of your bamboo fence
To keep the original color of your bamboo fence, wash it with soap or detergent and water. You can also pressure wash it. Once it is clean, let it dry, then apply a good water sealing stain. Even if already gray it will get some of its original color back. You may apply a waterproofing deck sealer annually, depending on your local climate.

Your bamboo fence can be painted. The inside of the bamboo is a great wood to paint. The outside skin has a waxy coat that makes painting difficult unless sanded, or until the UV of the sun has weathered it to grey. The paint will not harm the bamboo.

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