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Bamboo Tiki Bars

Bamboo Tiki Bars

Create the ultimate tropical setting in your home or yard by adding a bamboo tiki bar to your landscape. It will be a wonderful, unique focal point of your landscape. A tiki bar is an artifact of Hawaiian-Polynesian tiki culture, which is often associated with an ideal and relaxed way of life. The use of these unique hand-crafted bars has flourished, particularly since the 1960’s. There is even an entire town in the state of Texas built and run upon the Tiki concept. The town, called the Village of Tiki Island, is a community of resort-type living. You can turn your home and yard into resort-type living and create a relaxing tropical paradise by adding a beach tiki bar to your décor. Adding one of these beautiful bars to your landscape will truly capture that widely sought-after tropical island feel.

Bamboo tiki bars are useful, fun, and appealing. While adding to your décor and creating a tropical paradise, they are also perfect for social gatherings. You and your guests can gather around your authentic outdoor tiki bar for refreshments and fun. You can also relax while being comfortably shaded from the hot sun under the bar’s thatch roofing or thatch umbrella. While perfect for outdoor use, tiki bars are also ideal for indoor decor. Add a bamboo tiki bar to your living room, game room, or family room and get a true tropical touch.

At Bamboo and Tikis, we offer a variety of appealing tiki bars, some with thatch roofing, bamboo pole covering, or bamboo fencing. Some of our bars come with tiki bar stools, some are portable bars, some are custom-made and pre-assembled, and some come in tiki bar kits for quick and easy self-installation. Moreover, some of our bars come with roofs and some come without roofs.

Our high-quality selection will provide you with an assortment of tiki bars to choose from. All of our bamboo bars are well designed with plenty of storage and hanging space and a coat of lacquer for protection. Our bamboo has been carefully selected, kiln dried, stained, and sealed to ensure durability and longevity. No matter which outdoor tiki bar you choose, you will want to be sure to protect your prized possession from normal wear and tear so it will continuously provide you with years of enjoyment. For example, before and during rainstorms, be sure to cover your tiki bar to ensure its protection. You can easily do this with a tarp. Also, re-lacquering your bamboo bar every so often is a good idea for ultimate protection.

To enhance your bamboo tiki bar and the paradise feel and go along with your new bar you can purchase a charming tiki bar sign, hand-crafted tiki bar stools, and some tropical drink mixes. Of course, the tropical drinks must be purchased elsewhere, but the bamboo products are all available at Bamboo and Tikis. We have a wonderful selection of bamboo items to accompany your beach tiki bar purchase.

Look below for the various tiki bars we offer or come on over to our immense San Diego Bamboo and Tikis showroom. To complete your ultimate paradise, don’t forget to also check out some bamboo fencing for your yard, walls, or ceilings, a colorful tiki statue, a bamboo area rug, and our thatch roofing and umbrellas.

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