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Bamboo and Tikis at the CLCA Industry Show

We wanted to thank everyone who made it out to visit us at the CLCA Landscape Industry Show last week and stopped by to talk to us.  The Los Angeles convention center was immaculately transformed by amazing booths containing everything from live landscapes filled with trees, to gardens featuring ponds. 

The show not only featured amazing guest speakers but also informative demos on tree -trimming, wall building, water conservation and more.  It was exciting to meet different exhibitors from different industries and share a wealth of knowlege when it came to home improvement and landscaping. 

In keeping with our theme, we decorated our booth in standard tropical decor fashion along with 8ft vibrant banners containing images of the products and services we offer.  Here are some images from the show.

Our booth, banners with a TV rotating images of projects in which our products have been featured in.

We were offering a contest for everyone to drop their business cards for a chance to win our Tiki Bar.  We then put the business cards into a box and drew for a card.   Congratulations to T. Mahlman from LCIS Inc.  on winning, we hope your Tiki Bar has made a lovely accent to your home or garden. 

There were 3 examples over the two day show on the specifics of tree trimming.  It was quite the spectacle that drew quite the crowd. 

Our booth, the banners and decor got amazing feedback!  Lots of people were inquiring about the artificial grass, bamboo fencing and of course our Tiki Bar.

We had a great time and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.  Until then, you can see us again during Earth Day in San Diego, along with a few other shows.  Check back again or subscribe to our mailing list to keep posted and you bet we'll be giving away more great stuff!



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