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Create an Eco-Friendly Winter Wonderland at Home

Over the years, Christmas time as become synonymous with excess. Our electricity bills go through the roof with all the extra lights, our waistlines become unmanageable with all the extra food and our wallets become sad and lonely because of all the present we are expected to buy. All of this excess add up, not only in our daily lives but in our landfills as well. So this year, rather than indulging in the abundance of “stuff,” try a more sustainable Christmas. Here are some ideas for decorating your home in a fun and festive, yet eco-friendly style.

Use decoration inspired by nature. Troll your backyard, neighborhood or garden for natural accents that can be used in homemade wreaths, centerpieces and potporrui. Use fallen branches for original home décor by refashioning them into garland or wreathes. Paint them, dye them or dip them in glue and glitter for extra pizazz. Pine cones make for great ornaments, centerpiece baskets or kindling for your firplace. The best part? In addition to their natural scent and the absence of a price tag, they are biodegradable and can be thrown in the composte after the holidays are over.

This year, try eco-wrapping. That is, put last years wrapping paper to good use and reuse it for this years gifts. Additionally, last years cards can be cut up and refashioned into a unique collage of wrapping paper. If you must purchase new wrapping supplies, consider buying gift bags, as they are sturdy enough to be used year after year.

Make your own snowman decoration with all those CDs that you have since uploaded to your computer. Simply spray paint a CD or DVD and a juice can lid white and glue them together to make the snowman’s body and head. Then use ribbon, markers, yarn and buttons to make his face and clothing. Allow the snowman to dry properly and then hang it on the tree or place it in the window for a traditional wintertime decoration.

Build a gingerbread house. Not only is putting a gingerbread house together a fun family activity, it also makes for a great centerpiece or holiday decoration. The whole family can take part in this Christmas construction project, making it perfect for an evening at home. Gingerbread houses will last throughout the holidays AND you can easily throw them in the compost after the new year, as they are biodegradable and natural. Instead of spending money investing in carbon emissions by purchasing new, plastic Christmas decorations make one yourself and indulge in family time, sugar highs and an original, homemade Christmas accent.


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