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Home Ingredients and Remedies for Insect Control

Summer is a season that brings about not only great weather and longer days but also an abundance of insects in both the home and garden.  Your home is the ultimate utopia for a pest with an unlimited supply of food and many crooks and crevices for bugs  to take refuge in.  There seems to be saturation in the market of chemical pesticides that all claim to annihilate insects, but these chemicals can also be harmful to the environment, your family and animals.  Just like home medicinal remedies and cleaning products there are many natural ways to aid in the battle against insects in your home.  Here are some tips for controlling and deterring frequently visited household bugs. 


Just like with many of the bugs being listed, some of the best control is through preventative measures.  Ants are generally going to be attracted to water and food sources, so take the time to clean your floors and countertops of any crumbs or food stains.  Faucet drips, soaking dishes or cups of water will also attract ants.  If you already have an existing ant problem here are some tips:

- The Cucumber vegetable, particularly the skin, acts as a repellant.  Use pieces of the vegetable and the skin to leave in areas in which the ants would enter.
- Leaving a nightlight on at night changes the patterns of light and can help diminish the ant’s foraging.   This is particularly effective for areas with high activity. 
- In addition to Cucumber, ants also dislike garlic, leave skinned cloves or with mint tea bags to reduce activity.


These tiny bugs can be some of the most difficult and irritating to deal with, especially for those of us with pets.  Fleas are frequently brought into the home through pets.  Once in the home they rapidly breed by laying eggs on the pet and their environment.  Topical treatments for animals and bombs can be effective in flea control, but because they are poisons they can also give pets and humans severe reactions.  Ridding of fleas can take weeks before seeing a difference, but the key is to remain consistent.  Here are tips to help in reducing numbers and controlling the source.

- Flea combs are a great way to inspect your pet after every walk or encounters with other animals.  By reducing the number of fleas you are limiting how many eggs can be laid.
- You don’t need to bathe your dog in insecticides to kill the fleas; mild soap and water will do the trick. 
- Citrus is a great flea deterrent.  By boiling water and missing with lemon, you create a mixture that can be sprayed or sponged on your dog directly to kill fleas.
- Again, prevention is the best control, so vacuum and clean bedding or fabric materials frequently, especially items that have contact with your pet.
- Planting Fleabane helps repel fleas in the backyard.

Dust Mites

These microscopic buts are invisible to the eye but can cause many problems for those with allergies.  By limiting dust, you also limit the amount of dust mites that live everywhere from bedding to stuff animals, clothing, curtains and shelves.  To reduce their population you can:

 - Vacuum cloth surfaces frequently.  Couches, pillows, curtains and beds are ideal homes for mites.
- Laundry detergent alone have no effect on dust mites so wash items in 130F, very hot water.
- If you suffer from sever allergies, by limiting the amount of books, rugs or laundry in your room you can also reduce your reactions.
- There are covers you can purchase for your pillows and mattresses to prevent dust mites from infiltrating. 
- Remember that humid and warm environments are what dust mites thrive on, so limit the use of humidifiers, and air out your room at times if you have a connecting shower. 


Often times, the main evidence of moths in the vicinity of our closets is through the holes in our clothes that they leave behind.  Mothballs tend to carry an unpleasant odor, and can be dangerous to pets if ingested.  Here are some natural repellants:

- Instead of moth balls, items such as cedar chips or lemon peels can be placed on the ground to deter moths.
- Sachets filled with rose, rosemary and lavender petals can be hung in higher closets as well.


Ants and Cockroaches are similar in the sense that they forage and like to look for food and resources.  There are many ways to prevent an infestation and to control them as well.

- For individuals who do not have cats, using catnip in sachets, or mixed in a spray to be applied to areas are both great ways to reduce activity.  The active ingredient of nepetalactone is non toxic to humans animals.
- Rather than using chemical sprays that leave a residue, soapy water if sprayed directly on the roaches, will kill them.
- Boric Acid, which is toxic if ingested by the mouth is a very effective way to control cockroaches and is perfect for high places.  Keep away from kids and animals.
- Roaches also dislike bay leaves, cucumber and garlic.


Silverfish seek humid, warm and wet environments which places them frequently in the kitchen and bathroom.  Keep things dry, clean food particles and vacuum to help keep them away.




I found the ants and

I found the ants and cockroaches roaming at my granite counter tops at night. When at mid night i turn on the light of kitchen they are found at the counter tops.

Furrealz? That's marevolusly

Furrealz? That's marevolusly good to know.

We are glad to have helped.

We are glad to have helped. Hopefully you find all of our blog posts equally applicable. Thanks for reading and taking a second to comment.

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