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How to Replace Thatch

What You’ll Need

• Measuring tape    
• Zip ties OR Electrical ties
• Heavy duty scissors
• Hammer (to pull out nails) OR staple remover
• Hazel Sticks
• Thatch panels that match existing thatch

What You’ll Do

1. Identify the area of the roof or palapa that needs to be replaced. Look for discoloration or odd breaks and separations in the fronds.

2. Assess whether you need new thatch bundles or if you can fix the thatch you already have installed. Strange breaks and odd patterns can be easily remedied with zip ties or electrical ties and can save a lot of time and trouble.

3. Once you’ve decided that a section needs to be replaced, you can easily uninstall the thatch by pulling out staples or nails and cutting any ties that might hold the thatch in place. To avoid uninstalling more thatch than you need to, use heavy duty scissors to cut the replacement area to size.

4. Measure the area you are covering and cut the replacement thatch to size using heavy duty scissors.

5. Place the replacement thatch over the bare spot and push the panel up into the thatch above it. So that the old thatch lies on top of the new thatch; you want the two layers to intermingle.

6. Bend a hazel stick in half and push it vertically into the new thatch until it disappears into the thatch. The hazel stick will work like a bobby pin works in a hairdo.

7. Cover the entire area with a single layer of thatch, securing with hazel sticks as you work. Opposite of the original installation of thatch, it is easier to start at the top and work your way down.

8. Lay another layer on top of the first and secure with hazel sticks.

9. Repeat step 8 until the entire area is as thick and dense as the original thatch.

10. Secure any lose ends or fly-aways with zip ties or electrical ties.

And your done!!  Replacing thatch is just as easy as fixing a falling up-do.


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