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Last Minute Gifts for Mother's Day

Although we adore our moms all year long, it's almost that time again for that special day where it's all about mom and reminding her how special she is.  For this May 9th, we've put together the perfect list of 5 last minute gift ideas for mom.

5) Tasty Arrangements

Rather than opting for flowers which only appeal to our sight and smell senses, consider picking up a delectible  Edible Arrangement of fruits, chocolate and many other things delicious.  Creatively arranged like a bundle of flowers, you can select the size of arrangement, what types of tasty goodies and the type of vase or container used. 

For those who may the creative eye and hand, you can save a little bit of money and create your own fruit bouqet.  Click to read a great tutorial, and below is a step by step video.

4) A Bouquet of Lucky Bamboo

It is said that bamboo enhances the "Feng Shui" to your home by clearing disruptive energy and creating balance in the home.  Also called "Lucky Bamboo", these arrangements can also promote luck and fortune to those residing in its surrounding areas.

3) Going Green in the Home With Bamboo Products

Because bamboo grows at an exponential rate, it is a renewable resource that is incredibly versatile as a building material.  You can pick up a Bamboo Blind to provide an understated accent to a kitchen window even a doorway.  Bamboo Rugs work for both indoor and outdoor decor and require very little maitenence.  Bamboo cutting boards make beautiful additions to any culinary kitchen collection and because they aren't very porous and are incredibly hard, they don't absorb as much as regular woods, which can be more sanitary.

2) Specialty Chocolates

It is said that chocolates can invoke the same exhiliarating feeling of being in love.  This year show mom you love her by selecting exotic flavors of chocolate that are as unique as she is.  Gourmet chocolatiers such as Godiva offer an assortment of traditional dark and milk chocolate truffles with some that are infused with incredible flavors from spices, fruits, nuts and more. 

1) A Gift From the Heart
Remember when you were in grade school and each year your teacher would arrange the bowls of pasta noodles, glitter, glue, stickers and pipe cleaners, for you to make something for mom?  Whether you drew mom like an alien, or could not spell correctly, she still framed it and loved it.  As cliche as it may sound, gifts from the heart are always priceless.  So whether you choose to frame a memorable photograph, cook mom a wonderful meal, or simply write a note expressing what she means, tell mom you love her everyday but this May 9th, remind her that she's extra special. 

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