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Massive Earthquake Strikes Haiti

Haiti Earthquakehaiti

All over the news and media recently is the disaster that has struck Haiti just around the Port-Au-Prince area.  An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the richter scale has left what is feared to be thousands dead and many more homeless and in devastation.  Homes, buildings, roadways and more have been destroyed and the country is in a severe state of emergency. 

Although no one can plan for natural disasters, we can come together and offer aid during times as such.  The Green Revolution is not only about recycling or preserving resources but helping our planet as a whole, including its people. 

To promote social awareness, we are donating to assist in providing aid to those in need in Haiti. 

Here's how you can help.

For US residents:
You can text  "Haiti"  to  90999 which will automatically donate $10 on your behalf. 

You can also donate and find our more ways you can help through

Unicef and
The Red Cross.

In this global economy we must spread social awareness and help preserve / better this place for future generations. 


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