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Wrapping for Green

Did you know that during the holidays the average American household produces up to three times the amount of waste that it does throughout the rest of the year? Most of this waste consists of packaging refuse, leftover food and wrapping paper. This year, reduce your carbon footprint by taking a few simple steps to wrap your gifts eco-consciously. Here are a few ideas for streamlining your use of wasteful dyed paper while maintaining the creativity and beauty associated with a traditional Christmas tree, complete with beautiful packages.

Reuse a shopping or gift bags or can sew new cloth bags from scraps of cloth or clothes that no longer fit. This way, the bag becomes part of the gift as well. When the holidays are over, the bags can be used for grocery shopping, subsequent gifts or for storage.

Mason jars are amazing containers. They can be used for just about anything, can be found just about anywhere and make great containers for holiday gifts. Their cylindrical shape is perfect for holding gift cards or other small gifts while their clear exterior makes them visually entertaining when stuffed with colorful delicacies like cookies, candy or nuts or clothing accessories like T-shirts, scarves or socks.

Wrap your mystery in an enigma by using a container that relates to your gift. Watering cans are perfect for a medley of gardening supplies, while a bucket can be used for sand toys, towels and other beach accoutrements. Or, to really confuse people, use a random yet interesting container that has nothing to do with your gift.

Make the wrapping part of the gift. Organizational containers like tin cans, cloth bags, vases and other reusable containers are perfect for protecting a gift yet also make for good storage and/or organizing units post-holiday. Plus, your generosity will be remembered all year long, rather than just through the the gift-giving season.


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