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Bamboo and Tikis Supports Granite Hills High School Surf Team

Bamboo and Tikis recently donated tropical décor and tiki masks to the Granite Hills High School Surf Team. The Team held their island-themed year-end banquet recently in the DreamCatcher at Viejas where Bamboo and Tikis' tropical decorations were featured. The Surf Team holds an annual banquet to honor the students excellence both in and out of the water. Of course, a tropical theme was appropriate for the event as so many of the Surf Teams values are based on the ocean and the cultures surrounding it.

3 Steps to "Go Green" and Rejuvenate Your New Year's Resolution

As the glory of summer is upon us we may have forgotten those hopeful resolutions we made 4 months ago. During those bleak winter months, anything seemed possible with a little effort but as summer approaches, effort goes out the window and we trade our high hopes for lazy days spent at the beach. If you resolved to “go green” this year, here are three easy steps to ensure your resolve isn’t left out at sea.

Give that Old Bamboo Fence New Life

Looking for an affordable way to give you backyard a face lift for the summer? Look no further than that bamboo fence you installed last season. After a year of weathering, a bamboo fence is porous enough to accept a sealant, varnish or other restoring treatment.

3 Months to a Gorgeous Summer Body

The official first day of summer is exactly 3 months from today: June 21. Get your body ready for the hot summer days and warm summer nights just as you get your backyard ready: with planning, foresight and commitment. Here is a general outline for ensuring your body is a perfect match for the beautiful summer weather:

March 21- April 21

Commit to doing some form of cardio for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week and include resistance training 2-3 times a week.  Resistance training includes “core” exercises like front and side planks, crunches and anything requiring twisting, bending, lifting or leaning the torso and should last 15-30 minutes.

You Can Help Japan Too

As news from Japan continues to dominate our news scene, most of us yearn for a way to help the innocent victims of the tragic Japanese earthquake that resulted in a fatal tsunami, enumerable gas fires and a threatening nuclear disaster. However, as we are thousands of miles away and most of us are safe and sheltered from any impending aftershocks, alleviating the situation seems almost impossible. Here are some organizations that are currently accepting donations to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake:

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

As summer approaches, it is time to start thinking about how to gear up our backyards and patios for inevitable outdoor entertaining. As hot summer days melt into warm summer nights, your backyard will need to be equipped to handle the transition. Here are a few different lighting techniques that will help make even a small space a lighting masterpiece and ensure the party doesn’t die when the sun goes down.

How To Get the Maximum Life Out of Your Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence is a great addition to any yard and an affordable way to spruce up or hide an existing fence.  However, like anything else, your new bamboo fence will have to be maintained in order to get the most out of it.  Here are a few easy steps to take to ensure your bamboo fence reaches is maximum life expectancy.

1. Every few weeks take a walk around the fence. Look for mold, rot, insect infestation or other pests and general damage. Be mindful of the base where moisture and vegetation are more likely to cause mold. For a taller fence, be sure to use a latter to inspect the upper sections and don’t forget to check wires or staples and screws for rust.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cards, candy and chrysanthemums are all acceptable Valentine’s Day gifts. But why not give your significant other something truly special? Gifts show that you’re thinking of someone, but simply writing a letter can speak volumes. Expressing your love through words, or a song is more meaningful and more valuable than any heart shaped box. Added benefit for you: this gift is inexpensive and guaranteed to wow if you do it right. Your significant other will keep a love letter even if your relationship ends; it is a perfect token and reminder of something special. So if you’re struggling trying to think of a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, look no further than your desk and your own mind. As long as it’s from the heart, he/she is sure to be impressed.


Decorate Your Way to Paradise

Create your very own backyard paradise with only a few purchases and a couple of time saving tips. At Bamboo and Tikis, we advocate the use of bamboo and reusable, environmentally friendly materials in any project. Bamboo grows quickly in most parts of the world, does not require pesticides or chemicals to reach maturity and can be continually harvested with minimal soil erosion. Here are some tips to make your backyard tropical and green, in both senses of the term.


The first and most important step is to plan before you purchase. Draw out your backyard on a piece of graph paper and map out dimensions for furniture, umbrellas and empty space.


As E-waste Grows in Volume, Solutions Abound

E-waste is defined as any sort of electronic waste. This includes computer monitors, computer casing, cell phones, printers, fax machines, televisions, DVD players and anything else that has a cord or charger. Most of these machines contain harmful levels of Mercury, Lead, Lithium, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and other known toxins that can cause everything from birth defects to cancer. Obviously, the more we can do to keep these chemicals out of landfills and therefore out of our water systems, the safer we will be. Companies and organizations are starting to offer more and more realistic ways to recycle these items.

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