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How to Reuse Holiday Decorations for Everyday Decor

With the holiday madness now just a few days behind us, this is generally the time to begin packing away the season's decorations and possibly even give the home a new look. 

Before you throw away that Christmas tree, broken ornaments or burnt out strings of lights, read on to see how you can recycle or reuse holiday decorations.

Most Unique Bamboo Based Products

Bamboo grows at an incredibly fast rate, boosting an average of 60 cm in a single day. What’s even more impressive is that the uses of this natural plant grow just as fast. Bamboo products are being used in everything from skateboards to football helmets to bicycles. There’s even a wide line of bamboo furniture available. There’s almost nothing this resilient plant can’t do.

Happy Holidays!

Just like how many of you probably feel, this year flew right on by.  2009 has been absolutely incredible, from our new website launch, to our new products, wonderful customer feedback and amazing affiliates that we've had the pleasure of working with. 

Creating a Holiday Centerpiece

There is a parallel relationship between how we see things and how they appear to taste.  Because we eat with our eyes first, presentation enhances the eating experience. 

Dating back to ancient times, from royalty and nobility to common folk, eating has always been a sacred activity meant to celebrate, bring people together to become a merry medley just like the array of dishes being presented.

Most Innovative Bamboo Gadgets and Accessories

As the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo grows by leaps and bounds, earning a new 60 centimeters every single day. It’s a versatile plant that’s as solid as a tree and as strong as steel, used for building homes, fences, and more. Bamboo is being implemented in countless new products in innovative ways, from bike frames to computer keyboards, stretching the imagination when it comes to the capabilities of this naturally grown plant.

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are that time of year when spirits are lifted by jolly music and memories with loved ones are made.  As much as the holidays are meant for a time of joy, there are stresses that accompany the festive season such as figuring out what to buy and where to get it.  December is always one of those months with not enough days to stop at the store to get everything you intend to pick up.

Decorating for the Holidays

The weekend after Thanksgiving usually means a few great things, lots of yummy leftovers, a tremendous amount of sales and the best of all, decorating and getting ready for the holidays.  Between  preparing for guests, gift shopping and so much more, the list of tasks can seem never overwhelming and not leave much time to think about decorating. 

Adding the Tropical Look Inside Your Home

Just because the fall and winter temperatures are upon us, it doesn't mean that we can't still bring back a bit of summer.  Elements such as how vibrant colors are in the sunlight, mini vacations, and relaxing times, are all what we love about those warm months. 

Although your backyard may be covered in fallen leaves or even snow, grab a fruity drink, throw an umbrella in it, because we're going show you how to bring summer back and add some island flavor into your home. 

Go Green with Bamboo Fencing

Want to go green? Quit cutting down all the trees. Why waste a 40 to 100 year old tree when bamboo can provide one of the hardest building materials there is and grows an average of 50 centimeters a day? Indeed, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Some species can grow as much as 121 centimeters in a 24-hour period. Stronger than steel, bamboo grows like a weed and can be a very viable building material.

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