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Bamboo Fencing: Eco-Friendly and Beautiful

Bamboo's been getting a lot of press lately for its beauty, durability, and environmentally conscious methods. Bamboo fencing is one of the most popular bamboo products out in the market today. Bamboo fencing has been gaining popularity as a viable and gorgeous way to create perimeters and borders. This type of fencing is traditionally seen as a tropical plant and therefore was often used for tropical decor. Nowadays bamboo fencing is modern coming in colors other than the typical beigish yellow color. 

Give that Old Bamboo Fence New Life

Looking for an affordable way to give you backyard a face lift for the summer? Look no further than that bamboo fence you installed last season. After a year of weathering, a bamboo fence is porous enough to accept a sealant, varnish or other restoring treatment.

Go Green with Bamboo Fencing

Going Green

Want to go green? Quit cutting down all the trees. Why waste a 40 to 100 year old tree when bamboo can provide one of the hardest building materials there is and grows an average of 50 centimeters a day? Indeed, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Some species can grow as much as 121 centimeters in a 24-hour time period.

Reed Fencing is an Elegant Tropical Solution

Transforming your backyard into a tropical oasis is one of the easiest ways to bring a sense of the islands into your everyday life. A key way to accomplish the transformation is the easy to apply bamboo fencing, thatch and Bamboo products.

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