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How to Reuse Holiday Decorations for Everyday Decor

With the holiday madness now just a few days behind us, this is generally the time to begin packing away the season's decorations and possibly even give the home a new look. 

Before you throw away that Christmas tree, broken ornaments or burnt out strings of lights, read on to see how you can recycle or reuse holiday decorations.

Creating a Holiday Centerpiece

There is a parallel relationship between how we see things and how they appear to taste.  Because we eat with our eyes first, presentation enhances the eating experience. 

Dating back to ancient times, from royalty and nobility to common folk, eating has always been a sacred activity meant to celebrate, bring people together to become a merry medley just like the array of dishes being presented.

Low Maintenance and Hard to Kill Plants for the Home and Garden

When designing a landscape or space, nothing instantly livens an area with essences of color, texture and vitality like plants do.  There is a common misconception among many that plants need only water and light to survive, which depending on the plant, is quite far from the truth. Just as with any other home project, gardening and tending to plants propose time, care, and technical obstacles that can make the task seem difficult.  Climate, nutrients, amounts of sunlight and types of water are all variables that contribute to the well being of a plant. 

How to: Cutting Bamboo Tambor Rolls (Paneling)

Need to make one of our popular Tambor Rolls shorter in height? No problem.

What you will need for the perfect finished cut:

1. A miter saw with a fine tooth blade (72 teeth or above)
2. Some shrink wrap or postal tape.
3. A marking pen and measuring tape of course.

The Tambor comes in a tight roll so you will want to maintain this during your cut. Tape the ends together.
(See picture 1)

Home Ingredients and Remedies for Insect Control

Summer is a season that brings about not only great weather and longer days but also an abundance of insects in both the home and garden.  Your home is the ultimate utopia for a pest with an unlimited supply of food and many crooks and crevices for bugs  to take refuge in.  There seems to be saturation in the market of chemical pesticides that all claim to annihilate insects, but these chemicals can also be harmful to the environment, your family and animals.  Just like home medicinal rem

Decorate in a Day – 5 Steps to a Backyard Makeover

Are you looking for that perfect getaway this summer but find that time and budget constraints can make planning that perfect vacation tough? Why not plan a stay-cation and create your great escape in your very own backyard that you can enjoy anytime. So don’t worry about packing up the luggage or blocking out weeks of your schedule, we have five simple steps to help give your backyard that magic makeover in less than a day.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day coming up this weekend (Sunday Jun 21st), that doesn't leave much time left for some last minute shopping.  Whatever your budget may be, Bambooandtikis.com has what you need to surprise Dad with the perfect gift to celebrate his special day and to kick off summer.  Here are our top 5 gift idea picks for Father's Day.

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