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The Tiki Culture Revival

Arizona Foothills is a magazine in which themes articles based on "style, substance and sophistication" featuring everything from fashion, events, travel, entertainment, style and beauty, into modern day living.

Bamboo and Tikis Best of NeoCon 2009 for Office furniture

In the summer 2009 issue for Best of NeoCon, Bamboo and Tikis’ Bamboo Rugs were featured as a part of Office Furniture & Design.  The magazine's main focus is to deliver the latest cutting-edge, creative, and high quality information on unique and forthcoming office furniture.

Our Tiki Bar Products Gets Featured for Backyard Decor Ideas

With summer now upon us, backyard gatherings are a wonderful way to embrace the warm air and wonderful company. 

Creating themes in your backyard while decorating, help transform your landscape into your own getaway.  Tropical and Island themes are some of the most fun and easy to put together, and also create a magical atmosphere to your backyard. 

Our Bamboo Rug is a Hit!

Bamboo and Tikis' Bamboo Rugs continue to be a great hit!  A few of the things we strive to deliver with each of our products is the integrity in the design, quality, and an aesthetic versatility. 

Whether you are looking to infuse your home and garden with Asian inspired qualities, or create tropical accents, Bamboo has the ability to compliment many looks. 

Bamboo and Tikis Gets a Shout Out for Being Green!

One of the things we love most is hearing about others spreading the word and joining the movement in "Going Green".

Bamboo and Tikis gets recognized for supporting the “Green” Movement

tall bamboo treesNow more than ever, with threats to the environment looming ever closer, and Earth Day being a recent holiday, concerns for the environment are being analyzed all around the world. Green living, bio-friendly construction, eco-friendly cleaning products are helpful, but what about all the other concerns, political and otherwise, that the average citizen has no real way of observing or finding credible information for?

Backyard X-Scapes takes SCORE Lessons

Jamie Kocher and Steve Raketich relied on the agency for guidance.

As many small businesses struggle with sales and financing in the current economic climate, San Diego-based landscape retailer Backyard X-Scapes uses SCORE San Diego’s free counseling and low-cost workshops to remain financially sound and profitable.

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